Along with the spread of people-friendly Ayurveda,

We are pursuing healing of the mind with touch care as a tool.

Blessing of nature (wind · sky · fire · water · ground)

I appreciate the miracle I met today.



Therapist Kawachi Katsura

L.C.I.C.IJapan Certified Lecturer

Japan Ayurvedic Studies Member

Japan Ayurveda Conference Certified Care Advisor

Japan Mental Health Association Certified Foundation Counselor

JAA aroma instructor

Ayurvedic aromatherapy end

It is a certified salon of the International Holistic Head Care Association.



 L.C.I.C.I International Certified Indian Champi Surge.

Just sitting in a chair, not undressing

Or you can experience on the bed.

It is an Indian head massage that has been underway since Ayurveda traditional medicine for more than 1000 years ago until today. Head, face, neck, shoulder are places where anxiety and worry in everyday life are likely to accumulate. By care of these parts, I got tired of staying and I can see smoothness in my daily life

Moreover, it is effective as mental care, we recommend actively in the meeting

From male women, teenagers to the elderly, you can experience with confidence

30 minutes ¥ 2000 (on the bed 3000 yen)

Menu details


Indian Champi Surge is ...

1 relax muscles, relieve pain

2 Tension relief of scalp

3 blood circulation promotion

Improvement of movement of 4 joints

5 Promoting growth of hair

6 Good quality sleep

7 Headache, Relaxing of tired eyes Refreshing feeling

8 Mental care

9 Chakra take energy balance

10 Stagnation of energy delivered, energy spread throughout the body

In addition to this, there are also wonderful effects by people.


The beginning of Champi surge

 It is a therapy spread all over the world by Late Narendra meter. He worked as a massage at a hospital in India, but he went to England to learn therapy. So I was shocked by the fact that head massage had not spread at all and thought to convey the culture of India's wonderful head massage.

After studying aromatherapy, swedish massage, reflexology, Reiki etc in the UK, he returned to India again to research Indian head massage. Even though the barber head massage, home head massage and beach side head massage all feel good, I felt somewhere unsatisfactory.

Maybe he already studied various treatments in the UK.

Mr. Narendra adds not only the head but also other procedures related to stress (face, ears, arms, shoulder, back), and more characteristic is balance of energy

(* Chakra energy) technique was added.

In this way, a wonderful head massage that works not only on the body but also on the mental side has been completed. International Indian Head Massage Japan Section

Chakra balance


In Champi surge, we will balance the seven chakras at the same time as we unravel our body scrapes

Chakra · · · Spiral swirling energy. Seven places from the base to the top of the energy center backbone located about 3 Nagasaki on the slope, with light car (* ^ _ ^ *)

Please do not hesitate to

cm from the body have different functions. Keeping these seven balances leads to physical and mental health.


Business trip style

Photos of business trip massage

At a certain service center

We bring a special chair and we will travel to everyone's place!

tell us

You can also use for lunch break. 2 people ~ receptionist

(Thank you for your reservation up to the previous day)

Business trip range · · · (Nagasaki city, long time Tokitsu)

Business trip fee ¥ 500 + parking place



Shiro Dhara

 In Sanskrit

Shiro (head) Dhara (stream like thread)

It's a treatment that drops slightly warmer oil for about 20 minutes to the center of the forehead (third eye) than to the skin.

By slowly penetrating from there,

Alpha waves in the brain are increased

Deep Relax ~ It leads to a meditative state.

This is a release from everyday stress

It leads to healing of body fatigue.

Syrodara is not an expensive therapy,

While hoping that it will become a routine therapy, I hope to offer it to everyone.



The third eye is the sixth chakra

Chakra is said to be the gateway of energy to control the workings of the body and mind.

The sixth chakra (the third eye)

It becomes a position that balances and balances the nervous · sensation etc.

Syrodara, who puts points here,

Liberation from stress, as well as the opportunity to awaken the senses

It will be a pleasing energy charge.


↓Impression of the Shirodara experience




 After checking the constitution as seen from Ayurveda, using the sticking oil

We offer treatments suitable for everyone on the menu below.



After the treatment, a refreshing feeling like a bath rise!

Please leave moderate pressure to remove tension!

After using Ayurveda's constitution counseling, I use essential oils and oils that match the physical condition.

al oils and oils that match the physical condition.

I will treat with pressure and speed according to your physical condition.

(60 minutes) ¥ 3600 ~

Aromatherapy menu Detail here



Please expect softness and refreshing finish!

After using Ayurveda's constitution counseling, I use essenti

We will clean your face from the decollete

The finish of seaweed pack is more than expected.

(40 minutes) ¥ 3600 ~

Aromatherapy menu Detail here



L.C.I.C.I International Certification Ayurveda Therapy of Stomach

Tummy care is a mind and body treatment.

It aims at balancing the total, which leads to improving current malfunction.

After the Ayurvedic constitution counseling, I will use the oil that matches today's physical condition.

Palliation and digestion promotion of coldness, slimming effect, mental stability, etc.

It is a special care that balances the mind and body using luxury oil.

At the end, we do sweat detox with a heat mat.

45 minutes 5000 yen (tax included)

Abdominal Aromatherapy menu Detail here


HENNA ~ Henna's charm

A typical herb that Ayurveda recommends.

In Sanskrit, it is called Madayantica, and hena  is a scientific name spreading in the world.

Generally it is preferred for everyone as a safe hairstyle dye,

It also has a function to grow healthy hair, it is the best for scalp care.

Also, Ayurveda attracts Henna

I am advocating the effect on mind and body after penetrating from the skin.

Detoxification by purification of blood · Care for skin diseases

Also, it has a cooling effect,

There is also a sedative effect to those who have strong summer hot weather, pitta

(energy of fire).

About Henna's great attraction ...

We are conducting self-care instructor course at conference.

Henna Self Care course

At the meeting

Henna's self-care course is held from time to time.

Please contact us.

L.C.I.C.IJapan certified henna instructor development course is also accepted.



IndianChampissage Indian Head Care

The best dry head care popularity of security safe done in a chair!

2000 yen (30 minutes)

Relax effect done in bed High head care popularity!

3000 yen (45 minutes)

Business service details


Shiro Dhara Shirodara

* 8500 yen 7500 yen (60 minutes)

(Foot bath (trifara) · head touch care · sweating)

* Syrodara first trial (30 minutes) 5500 yen

(No foot bath head care)

500 yen off for those without a shower

Syrodara details


Ayurvedic AromatherapyBody

3600 yen (60 minutes) back foot

4600 yen (80 minutes) back footdécolleté popularity!

Detail here Business trip details


Ayurvedic AromatherapyFace

3600 yen (40 minutes)

4600 yen (80 minutes) popular with pack!

Detail here No business service


AyurvedicAbdminal stomach

5000 yen (45 minutes) waist ~ abdomen popularity!

Learn more



* Bliss 90 minutes 5500 yen

(Indian Champi Surge + body)

* Detox 100 minutes 6500 yen

(Indian Champi Surge + Stomach + Foot Bath)

* Beauty 120 minutes 7500 yen

(Body + face + foot bath)

* More View 150 minutes 8500 yen

(Body + face + pack + foot bath)

* Syrodara A (120 minutes) 11500 yen

(Foot bath + head + body or facial shirodara)

* Syrodara B (120 minutes) ¥ 12500

(Foot bath + head + abdominal shirodara)



Swedana (sweating) 30 min

You can experience each menu up


One sweating of Ayurveda care,

It raises metabolism and at the same time aims at in-body detoxification.

I recommend you Swedana after oil care. In the case of

(Tax inclusive price above)



Certification School

International Certified Indian Champi Surge Training Course

You can get British international certification!

L.C.I.C.I Certified Indian Champi Surge (Indian Head Care)

Head massage performed in about 30 minutes with a relaxing effect that formed the teachings of Ayurveda

It is also recommended for introduction to salon menu · facilities etc, event menu.

The on-the-bed type is also recommended for medical professionals and welfare-related persons.

Tuition fee

Chair course 199, 800 yen (tax included)

On-the-Bed Course 199, 800 yen (tax included)

(DeProma issuance fee · L.C.I.C.IJapan instructor certificate issuance fee included)

Tuition fee campaign period details here

*** Course Flow ***

4 days (28 hours)

~ 3 days Champi surge practical skill + theory 1 day self-champion (self-head care) instructor class ~

* Case study reporttest (with supplementary instruction)

After passing

* Issued by UK L.C.I.C.I authorized DeProma

* L.C.I.C.IJapan Certified self self-champion (self head care) instructor acquired

General Association · therapist insurance member



Indian Champi Surge (on the bed) 1DAY course

This course

It is a target for those who completed the Champi Surge therapist certification (chair).

Tuition fee

71280 yen (general) Tax included

60480 yen (association member) tax included

** Course content **

1 day practical skill + 20 case studies


Head Touch Care Course

L.C.I.C.IJapan certification

Healing by touching ~ It is a touch care course.

As a skin ship tool,

It is a gentle way to warm your hands

Removing daily tension and anxiety and having mutual trust relationship leads to great sense of security ~

For families / precious neighbors ...

Easy to attend anyone, it is a home 1DAY course

A certificate of completion is issued and it can be provided in an established way.

For those who wish, we also plan on-site practical experience. By being experienced in the field once,

There are various awareness that can be utilized in future activities.


*** Course content ***

Course length 1 day (5 to 6 hours)

Theory (2 hours) Practical skill (3-4 hours)

· Acceptance of attendance at any time

Course Fee  16000 yen (1DAY) including tax

L.C.I.C.IJapan completion graduation


Head Touch Care Instructor Course

It is a course to teach the above (head touch care).

You can do activities as a head touch care instructor.

*** Course content ***

· Period of attendance 2 days (10 hours - theory 5 h + practice 5 h -)

[Tuition fee] 56160 yen (tax included)

above, general corporation corporation annual expenses L.C.I.C.IJapan headquarters HP name publication

Tuition fee will change if you are already an association member.

We will explain the contents of activities after acquisition in the course.


Self Champi Instructor Course

*** Course content ***

It is a trainer course that can teach self-head care.

Course length 2 days

Accepted classes at any time

37800 yen (tax included)

Charges will change for those already joining the company

Publication as a trainer at HP of the general incorporated association · certificate · certification card · L.C.I.C.IJapan.


Meeting body care learned class

Oil Treatment (Full Body) Practical Skill (15h) + Theory (6h)

Practical exam

Reception as needed

Tuition 129600 yen (tax included)


Conference Original Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Course

With a capacity of 4 people

Aromatherapy course along each theme.

While learning Ayurveda, learning about aroma while sharing each other's environment

Make each original aroma craft Practice!

Lunch is a meeting Ayurveda menu!

1 DAY (5 h) 5000 yen Material · lunch included




Business hours

9:30 to 18:00 (until 17 o'clock receptionist)

9:30 to 20:30 (Monday Thursday 17 o'clock until reception)

Irregular holiday



Reservation required

Salon Information

Information on traffic

Aroma and head massage conception ~ soa ~ Map


Nagasaki prefecture Nishisonogi gun Tokitosu-cho left bottom 1185-17

· Nazimi apartment entrance 1 minute walk

· Noda bus stop (we will pick you up)

·There's a parking lot